Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Maharishi Santsevi Ji Maharaj

Religion (dharma) was given to humanity to provide a civilized

path for the reformation of character in order that its adherents

might reach the ultimate goal (God). But today, it seems that

even religion has lost track of its purpose. Therefore, it is

essential, in this current environment of religious crisis, to

underscore the similar—in the end, identical—underlying

concepts of the various religions. By this means it is possible to

bridge the ever-enlarging gulf that appears to separate the

different religious traditions and between their followers. This

“gulf” is actually an imaginary difference. It is often the result of

superficial (exoteric) interpretations of a given religion which

begin to dissolve when one investigates the tradition at a deeper

(esoteric) level. When the various traditions are seen as different

statements or paths to the same goal, the very image of religion,

as a provider of peace and everlasting freedom, can be reestablished.


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