Sunday, February 21, 2021


  The Yoga says that as there are now generally known five senses and five organs of action, so there are other subtler senses and organs; and explains more fully how they may be developed by men who are seeking to know God, who is their own true inmost Spirit. The Mimansft explains what karma is, L e., action, both religious and worldly, and what are its consequences, causes and effects, and how it binds man to this world or to another. 

The Vedanta finally tells fully what is the exact and true nature of God, or Atma, and shows that Jiva of man is in essence the same as this inmost God, and explains how man may five so that karma shall not bind him; and finally, by understanding what the Maya Shakti of God is, by which all this world comes forth and appears and disappears, how he may (after practice of Yoga) merge himself into and become one with God and so gain Moksha.


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