Monday, February 15, 2021

Baba David

Becoming Love

On the surface it sounds like an impossible thing to do. This is because of the misunderstanding of love as an emotion. Or love as the opposite of hate.
If I use the term Ananda, it is more accurate but also more ambiguous.
Imagine love as the true nature of reality. The nature of that which is the substrate of all.
As you begin to clear the mind of thoughts one simply feels a peace. For the first time in their lives perhaps.
If you persist at this your old personally dissolves like salt in water. The real you is awareness. It is also total love.
Freedom from judgement and fear leaves the truth. Your nature is love. I love my wife and kids no matter what they do or say. Their ego personalities are irrelevant. Just love.. Nothing else.
Becoming love means surrendering to your own truth. Your own real self. It terrifies the ego which loves to feel superior, feel special, special in misery or joy either way. Even " I am enlightened" is an ego thought with wonderful specialness that goes with it.
Just be nothing and watch your life come to life. Living live in love and passion for what you create.
Go into the heart center and let love flood your being.


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