Sunday, January 24, 2021

She by ~The Mystical Lion


She is Creatrix:

Mother of movement, fire made flesh,

Fecund belly perpetually bursting forth

The infinite shining Now.

She is Abundance:

Kaleidoscopic Spirit, transformation incarnate,

All bloom, flourish and thrive,

The persistent festivity of multiplicity.

She is Seductrix:

Vision dancer, wisdom muse,

Temptress of Totality.

Possibility entices because of her.

She is Judgment:

Arbiter of duality, symbolic inner critic,

Governess of pleasure and pain,

The mirror in the mind.

She is Devourer:

Seductive death, blackhole time,

Enchanting unquenchable gravity,

Empty maw devouring all.

She is Redemption:

Eternal hymen, everlasting Love,

Birth and death in harmony bound,

Stars to smiles to bones to dust to skin again.

She is


~The Mystical Lion


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