Saturday, January 23, 2021

By Mike Harrigan ✨

 If you want to Awaken your Divine True Self, you have to train your Mind to move to an Higher Perspective every-time a thought form of Separation with other Human Beings comes into your Energetic space.

You have to learn how to resist the nature of Duality that keeps in a Perpetual Loop of Ego's patterns.
You have shift from "this is mine" to "this is ours", stopping to complain about other's behaviours, you are responsible only for your state of Being.
Compassion, Forgiveness and "Service to others" are Conscious choices which activate your spiritual gifts.
You Will find this knowledge at the beginning of every religious system, in the past they knew how to connect with the Higher Self, but the original meaning was twisted to let humans Believe they cannot be like the Son of God, in order to manipulate Consciousness.
Every human being is a Son of God, because God can be identified as the "Black Hole" Consciousness generator at the Center of every Galaxy and all the souls come from there !
There is no such thing as Sin ! The only "Sins" are the ones that avoid the connection with your Source !
Your Heart is the connector, follow the beat of your Soul, embrace your Higher Consciousness.

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