Wednesday, January 6, 2021

🕉️Advaita Vedanta - The Three levels of Ultimate Reality


According to Advaita Vedanta, there are three levels of reality:
1. ParamArthika (परमार्थिक) Sathyam:
ParamArthika Sathyam is the absolute truth. For this level , all is seen as absolutely one just like Space is one without parts. Consciousness is non dual with all differences only apparent and not actual. The apparent difference arises owing to Avidya or ignorance of the truth.
2. VyAvahArika (व्यवहारिक) Sathyam:
VyAvahArika Sathyam is relative reality. The created world and Jivas are true but only relatively. This relative reality is to be acknowledged and the principles adhered to till the soul does not attain self realization
3. PratibhAsika (प्रतिभासिक) Sathyam:
PratibhAsika Sathyam is truth only as conceived by an individual but which is untruth in reality. For e.g. Things seen in a dream.
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