Friday, December 11, 2020

Yoga Vasistha ✅ Chapter Three. Verses 20 - 27.

 The noble-hearted man whose desires of the heart have come to an end is a liberated man;

it does not matter whether he does or does not practise meditation or perform action.
The idea of Self in the non-Self is bondage.
Abandonment of it is liberation.
There is neither bondage nor liberation
for the ever-free Self.
If, by perceiving that the objects of perception do not really exist,
the mind is completely freed
(from those objects)
there ensues the supreme bliss of liberation.
Abandonment of all latent tendencies is said to be the best (i.e. real) liberation
by the wise;
that is also the faultless method
(of attaining liberation).
Liberation is not
on the other side of the sky,
nor is it in the nether world,
nor on the earth;
the extinction of the mind resulting from the eradication of all desires is regarded as liberation.
O Rama,
there is no intellect,
no nescience,
no mind and no individual soul (jiva).
They are all imagined in Brahman.
To one who is established in what is infinite, pure consciousness,
bliss and unqualified non-duality,
where is the question of bondage or liberation,
seeing that there is no second entity?
O Rama,
the mind has, by its own activity,
bound itself; when it is calm it is free.

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