Friday, December 11, 2020

Vedanta Center of CT


Is Consciousness relative?
No. It's absolute. It's infinite. It's permanent. It's not born, it does not die.
However, in order to understand it a little bit more, it is Relativity Consciousness.
One can comprehend it by interpreting it relative to something else. That's how we apprehend the manifestations of Nature. Depicted, represented and displayed in many ways for us ordinary mortals to understand.
Shiva and Shakti. Soul and body. Purush and Prakriti.
From the One, the Absolute, to the many manifestations. One relative to the other. One to many.
Krishna and Gopis. The Raas. The Leela. Yet only One Divinity!
Through the process of Maya, the manifestations pervading the impermanent by the Permanent.
One can understand the impermanence in relation to or relatively speaking, to the Permanent. Like the spider spewing its IndraJaal in many directions and then withdrawing it back into itself.
And in Kaal or Time, Kaali destroying and withdrawing it's manifestation back into itself.

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