Tuesday, December 15, 2020


(1)Let us meditate on the shining Self,
Changeless, underlying the world of change,
And realized in the heart in samadhi.
(2) Hard to reach is the supreme goal of life,
Hard to describe and hard to abide in.
(3) They alone attain samadhi who have
Mastered their senses and are free from anger,
Free from self-will and from likes and dislikes,
Without selfish bonds to people and things.
(4) They alone attain samadhi who are
Prepared to face challenge after challenge
In the three stages of meditation.
Under an illumined teacher's guidance
They become united with the Lord of Love,
(5-6) Called Vishnu, who is present everywhere.
Though the three gunas emanate from him,
He is infinite and invisible.
Though all the galaxies emerge from him,
He is without form and unconditioned.
To be united with the Lord of Love
Is to be freed from all conditioning.
This is the state of Self-realization,
Far beyond the reach of words and thoughts.
(Translated by Eknath Easwaran in "The Upanishads", pages 283 - 284)
Photo: Young Sri Anandamayi Ma in deep samadhi
Note: The "3 "Gunas" (Qualities) are "Sattva" (Purity), "Rajas" (Activity) and "Tamas" (Darkness/destruction). The 3 Gunas (qualities) are present in all objects in various degrees, one is always more present or dominant than the others.

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