Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Sutras on Creation

● Welling up out of His pure joy, this entire Universe comes into being.

● Descending in an arc of Light, Spanda becomes the subtlest of the subtle. Then, forming a straight line of pure gold and taking her form of golden Light, the Goddess Spanda Sakti dances back and forth in pure delight between two points (visarga), becoming this very Creation inside and out.

● Sound is inherent in Light, and Light in Sound. Springing forth together, the Creation is thus formed out of what already exists in his own being.

● From the Light that is its own power source (Prakasa), the Supreme Siva manifests a vibration (Vimarsa). From that vibration comes sound. And from that sound, He causes letters to manifest.

● This Spanda creates her own reflection in the objects of this world so that the Absolute can survey Himself.

● This vibration takes on the nature of awareness of distinctions. In this way it manifests as 50 perceptions. These perceptions are phonemes and these phonemes become the objects. This is how external objects manifest in the body of Supreme Consciousness.

● The illusion of the existence of a world, a Universe, is Creation. And Creation is the illusion that a world actually exists.

● This very illusion, known as Siva's Maya Sakti, is neither real or unreal. And yet She appears to be both real and unreal. That is His genius.

● Out of what exists in His own being, Siva creates this world through his own Vimarsa (Spanda Sakti) and manifests a Universe comprised of this very energy of Light and Sound.

- The Sutras On The 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness

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