Friday, December 11, 2020

Swami Sivananda

Parable of The Boy and His Shoes
The dog barked at him and the boy began to run. The dog began to chase him. The boy found that his shoes were impeding his speed. He let them slip off his feet. He left them behind. The dog instantly caught hold of one of the shoes and ran away from the boy who then proceeded home safely.
The world troubles the man in every way, so long as he possesses the two things—I-ness and mine-ness. With egoism and possessive nature, wherever he runs, the miseries of Samsara chase him and leave him no respite. Attached to a thousand things, he also is not able to proceed towards his destination with expedition. Therefore, he renounces the I-ness and mine-ness, in order to proceed faster towards the goal. As soon as he renounces the possessions, the world gives up chasing him and the miseries of Samsara leave him once for all. Renunciation has this double advantage: it relieves you of all burdens, lightens your heart and thus enables you to soar higher into the spiritual realm, and it also enables you to free yourself from the troubles of friends and relatives. Therefore, renounce the world and enjoy Supreme Bliss.

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