Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sri Ramana Maharshi. Words of Grace..

 When the mind is divested of the qualities of darkness and activity by constant meditation, the Bliss of the Self will clearly

manifest within the subtle mind.
Yogis gain omniscience by means of such mind-expanse.
He alone who has achieved such subtlety of mind and has gained Realization of the Self is Liberated while still alive.
The same state has been described in
Rama Gita as the Brahman beyond attributes, the one universal undifferentiated Spirit.
He who has attained the unbroken eternal State beyond even that, transcending mind and speech, is called videhamukta; that is, when even the aforesaid subtle mind is destroyed, the experience of Bliss as such also ceases.
He is drowned and dissolved in the fathomless Ocean of Bliss and is unaware of anything apart.
This is videhamukti.
There is nothing beyond it.
It is the end of all.

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