Tuesday, December 1, 2020

❤ ShivayaShiva

 Jai Shri Dakshinamurti!

“Dakshin means southern direction and murthi means deity. Dakshinamurthi is perhaps the only Hindu deity who sits facing the southern direction.
Dakshinamurti is actually Shiva seated as the primordial and supreme teacher. He is the first ever enlightened Master who happened on planet Earth. His uniqueness as a teacher lies in the fact that He teaches through silence, through His all-pervasive consciousness.
He is the one who sports the symbol of consciousness, who is the very personification of bliss, surrounded by groups of sages and seers established in the Ultimate Reality, who is of tender age, expounding truths through silence, and truly eloquent…
Enlightened Masters are the only living Gurus and Gods on planet Earth. Merely sitting with an enlightened Master is enough to elevate one’s consciousness.”
~ Nithyananda

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