Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Robert Adams ❤️🙏

 There’s Really Nothing You Have to Do

Most people like to think.
It is your thoughts that keep you back from reality.
There's absolutely nothing to think about.
All is well forever.
To attain self-realization, there is really nothing you have to do.
It does not require puja,
it does not require meditation,
it does not require prayer,
it does not require yoga.
It does not require anything,
for self-realization is your natural state to begin with.
Therefore there is nothing you have to do to attain it. It's simple.
Yet there are three things that you should remember.
One is just to be here.
Two is to listen to the words with
discrimination and intelligence.
Three is to listen to the silence between the words, which is the highest and best
When I say just be here, this is exactly what I mean. Just be here. You are already enlightened, you are already realized. There’s nothing to think about, no one to see. Just be here. When you are here, the no thing of the sage becomes the no thing of you. In other words all things dissolve. All things evaporate. By things I'm referring to thoughts, emotions, fears, doubts, superstitions. They all evaporate when you're here.
There’s really nothing you have to do.
When you hear me speak the words, try to discriminate correctly. Try to understand what the words really mean. If you are able to discern the words and discriminate correctly, you will be awakened, liberated.
And of course, the silence between the words are the most important. For it is in the silence that reality exists.
Reality is the silence.
There’s nothing else.
You believe you have to go through rituals and perform spiritual disciplines, practice yoga, meditate.
For whom are these things?
These things are not for you.
They're for the ego, for the mind. Forget about all that. Simply do not think about the past or the future.
Stay centered in the now and be yourself.
There is nothing profound in the whole universe that you have to learn. There are no special classes, or special meaning to words, or sacred hymns, anything
else you have to remember.
All you have to do is be your self.
When you are yourself, fear and doubt leave you.
When you are yourself, superstition melts away.
When you are yourself you are extremely happy all the time.
You have peace. You have joy, forever, unending.

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