Sunday, December 6, 2020

Robert Adams

 You are not the experiencer. There is no experiencer, that's an illusion. And if you keep saying to yourself, "That doesn't matter I still want to experience good rather than bad," you have to remember when you believe you are the experiencer you also live in a world of duality. Don't you see?

For every good there is a bad. For every bad there is a good. For every up there is a down. For every forward there is a backward and so forth and so on. Which means you will experience your good, so-called for a period of time and then the pendulum has to swing the other way. Just like this world. This world seems to head for the Golden Age that most New-Agers can't wait to achieve. They believe there is going to be total harmony and total love and peace on this planet forever.
It will never happen. This is not the way the universe works. There will be a time when there is total peace but that will be for a while. Then the pendulum will start swinging back the other way and will go back into the dark ages. This has happened over and over and over again on this planet, millions of times.
That's why there are only a few people in every generation, in every eon of time that become free and liberated. The rest go on with karma, they play the karma game. They keep going and returning, going and returning just like the world, good and bad, bad and good, good and bad, bad and good. Therefore when you become deluded and you think you want to experience good only, that is an illusion. For you are saying to yourself, "Am I not the experiencer? I wish to experience good."
You have to go beyond those things.

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