Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Robert Adams

 "Why will you not admit that you're free? Why will you not accept your is-ness? If you only knew how beautiful you were. The true Self. If you only realize the joy that you are, the love that you are, the peace that you are.

You have no problems, no worries. There never were any problems or worries. The worries and problems simply appear to you because you didn't know who you were, but now you know who you are. You are the truth, the whole truth.
You are the light. You are the way. What appears to be your body disappears, nowhere, like a dream, and the world follows suit. That is not you, you know this now. Never will you be disturbed again by anything, by anybody. How can you be hurt if you're not hurt-able? What can possibly hurt you?"

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