Sunday, December 13, 2020

💛 Robert Adams


"The person is not God, the body is not God, but you are God. The reason you will not accept the fact that you are God is because of your orthodox upbringing. You still believe God to be an anthropomorphic deity up in the sky, and if I tell you you’re God, you think it’s blasphemy. That only shows me that you are identifying with your body. You believe you are a body, and there is a God somewhere up in the sky that you’ve got to pray to, and if he is in a good mood, he’ll give you a boon. If he’s not feeling too good that day, he will throw a lightning bolt at you. People still believe that.
The question is, what do you believe? It’s your life. What you believe, what you accept, becomes your lifestyle. You create it, you cause it. Why not experiment? Why not begin to believe that you are God?
What is God? God is consciousness.
What is consciousness? Something that is conscious of itself as pure awareness. And all of that is not some place outside of yourself. It is you. You are that. The whole universe is yourself. The whole universe is happiness, joy, love, peace. But you will never see that in the world until you see it within yourself. You must consequently practice seeing yourself as a loving person, as a kind person, as a joyous person. And then you will drop the person, and you will see yourself as omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence.
You are the power. There is no other power but you. Many of you, most of your lives, have been dwelling on occult powers, trying to find the golden fleece, so-to-speak, outside of yourself. It has never been outside of yourself.
Everything you’re looking for is within you. Stop searching outside of yourself.
Everything you want is within you. The potential, the possibility for everything you can imagine is within you. The omnipresent Self is your real nature."

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