Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Reveltion of the indwelling Messiah and Holy Spirit - the ‘Spiritual Sun.’ by Tau Malachi

‘Spiritual Sun,’ or ‘Sun of God,’ of course, is a common Sophian Gnostic term for the Messiah, indicating the spiritual and mystical experience of Messiah as a distinct Light-presence and Light-power; thus remembering the Spiritual Sun, or envisioning the Spiritual Sun in the center of our chest, in the place of the heart, is a good way to be ingathered, and perhaps open ourselves to more intimate experiences of the Risen Messiah and the Magdalene, and the play of Light Transmission in the Gnostic Path.
So this is an ingathering into the indwelling Messiah, and a remembrance of ourselves as a Human One of Light - children of God, the True Light, inseparable from God.
If, indeed, this Spiritual Sun shines within you, then your whole body is filled with light and fire, and centered within you are gathered into the Spiritual Son of God; that Divine Presence indwells and surrounds on all sides.
The Holy Light of the Messiah is like a spiritual nuclear fire, transforming everything into a likeness of itself; the Holy Light that is ‘above’ is everywhere here ‘below,’ it is the secret center of every particle of matter, so that in the play of Light Transmission this Holy Light and Spirit is ‘called forth’ from within us. Though the Holy Scriptures often speak of the Holy Spirit ‘coming upon’ people, in truth, experientially, it comes from within them, as though it is ‘called out’ from within them.
These are a few thoughts I can share. I pray they might be of some help.
May the Holy One bless you this day, and may you be gathered into the One, being One!
Shalom Aleichem!

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