Sunday, December 13, 2020

RAMAKANT/ULT/23 Ramakant Maharaj Teachings


Was there any duality, prior to this body-based-knowledge? And, will there be any duality, after leaving the body? We have accepted the illusory, bodily essence as “I am”. “You Are the Holder of the Body, Not the Body.” When you experience duality, it is because the subtle ego, the subtle mind, and the subtle intellect are present. There is, in fact, no duality at all. It is only because we have accepted the body-form as our identity, that we feel this sense of duality.
The Holder of the body has no duality. The Holder of the body, the Sustainer of the body is like the sky, and beyond the sky. But we have compartmentalized everything, named everything, and thus created this duality. We say, “This is my house, and that is the sky”. “This is the ashram, and above it is the ashram sky”. “This is the Bangalore sky, and that is the Mumbai sky”. The sky is everywhere. It does not divide itself into different countries, or places, or bodies, or buildings.
The names are different, that’s all. All these bodies have different names: male and female, but the Spontaneous Existence within these bodies is one and the same. Where there appears to be duality, this means that there is some remaining body-sense still around, “I am somebody”. Dissolve that body-sense! When you consider yourself as the body-form, there is a feeling of duality, but this is illusion. Absorbing Reality is of prime importance. The Holder of the body, is Reality. Absorb this knowledge!

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