Wednesday, December 9, 2020



Spirituality means identifying oneself in a real sense. Your consciousness is pure consciousness. But this consciousness is within the body-form, and therefore, it has created some confusion. This has resulted, in our imagining ourselves to be something else, something other, something different and separate, from pure consciousness.
You are that Invisible Unidentified Identity called Brahman, Atman, God, Master. This is the foundation of our teachings. Therefore, my Master says: “Except For Your Selfless Self, There is No God, No Brahman, No Atman, No Paramatman, No Master.” That Conviction will appear.
We have so many problems because of the body-form. No one is happy. The only way to escape from all these problems is with spirituality’s help. It is the only way, because Spirit is your Source, your foundation. What do we mean by spirituality? Spirituality is illusion, but through it, we can be free from tension and dispeace, and know who we truly are.
Your Identity is Unidentified Identity, Invisible Identity, Anonymous Identity. It cannot be defined by words. Words are only indicators. This is the base, the foundation of spirituality, for which you must have Conviction. Study the lineage books carefully. You have to read some books. But instead of analyzing the Masters’ words, try to identify, try to understand, what they are trying to convey. Nisargadatta Maharaj is there, and Siddharameshwar Maharaj, and many other saints such as Ramana Maharshi. The great saints have left us their high teachings, so that we can know who we truly are. Spirituality does not exist for us to accumulate spiritual knowledge, and stimulate the intellect. It exists so that we can identify ourselves. This is the meaning of spirituality.

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