Wednesday, December 9, 2020



(What is the secret of spirituality ?) The secret is to remove the layers that are covering your Presence, so that you can know yourself in a real sense. The basic error is that you are counting yourself as the body-form, and that is to be discarded. It is a fact, that the body is not your identity at all. Dry spiritual discussion will not help you. You are Ultimate Truth. Spirituality shows you how to absorb this Truth, your Ultimate Truth.
All your body-based concepts must dissolve. And then, the Originality, your Originality, the Spontaneous Presence, where there is no experience and no experiencer, will emerge. We need to use some words to try and convince the Invisible Listener. However, words are not sufficient to define, or expose the true meaning of spirituality. But, nonetheless, we are trying our level-best to convince you, so that you can leave behind all this illusion, and know the Reality.
What is Reality? Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is Reality. It has no birth, and no death. Basically, you are unborn. You see, the moment that the Spirit clicked with the body, you started saying “I am”. And that “I am” was instantly coloured by many, many concepts when the world appeared, such as “I am a man”, or “I am a woman”, “I am somebody” – endless concepts.
The world is projected out of your Spontaneous Invisible Presence. It is like when you are dreaming, and the dream-world is projected. In this dream-world, you experience many different kinds of emotions, concepts and people. You can see the sea, the sun, the moon, the hills, and endless vistas. This world is projected out of your Spontaneous Invisible Presence, just like the dream-world is projected from you. This life is a long dream. Wake up from the dream!
When the illusory layers have all been removed, eureka! “There You Are: The Source of Happiness, the Source of Everything.”

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