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Sterile knowledge will not materialize in practice because it is grasped at the base of knowledge related to the body and therefore rooted in material knowledge. For a disciple, direct knowledge should not be rooted in or through the body, it must be accepted from the 'Selfless Self', 'spontaneously'. In other words, by the Selfless Self. This means that the body is only the medium, through which you can listen to the story Of The Invisible Listener. (Maharaj claps his hands.… 
Although you use the body, ears and intellect, the Conviction that you must maintain is that this Knowledge is the Reality of the Invisible Auditor. It's not the story of all the knowledge related to the body of Brahman, Atman, Paramatman. This is the Reality of the Invisible Listener in you. This is your Reality, the Final Reality. The Listener has No Form, so don't use the subtle ego to try to grasp Reality.
Forget the mind! The mind has no existence, it is just the flow of thoughts. Let the Selfless Self accept Knowledge. Beyond Knowledge, beyond words. We say 'beyond' just for a matter of Understanding only, as we say 'before knowledge', or 'Prior to beingness'. These are just words for understanding each other, for Conviction only, for Realization. There is no 'beyond'. There is no 'before', there is no 'nothing'. The whole purpose of this Talk is to communicate and illustrate the Reality. Any doubts?
All you have heard so far is the Story of the Listener, the Reality of the Listener. This is the Ultimate Truth of the Listener, the Final Truth. After a while, as I said, the Practice will be Spontaneous and Automatic. When you reach this Advanced Level, all Knowledge will be Absorbed. Nothing will be left. When all Knowledge is Absorbed, there is nothing left. One layer, two layers, three layers, then nothing. When it's finally all gone, there'll be nothing left. When it all goes away, there you are. This is the Principle of all Practice, these progressive advances, these benchmarks. When you reach the Destination, the Final Terminus, all these landmarks will vanish. We're just using words to convince the Listener.
You are the Ultimate Truth. There is no 'beyond'. I don't think that's an idea. It's not a concept. You are the Final Truth. You are the Final Terminus where there is no beginning, and there is no end. No beginning, no end. If you say 'beyond', beyond implies that there is 'something' there! Beyond what? There's nothing there! Where everything ends, where everything comes to an end, there you are. There you are, Formless. When it all ends, there you are: Formless.
Be Strong, be Firm. Don't pressure your mind, don't stress your intellect. Reality has nothing to do with them. When you leave the Ashram, throw everything here. Drop everything here. You can read books if you want, no problem, on one condition do not ignore the Reader. Don't ignore the Reader. Don't underestimate the Invisible Reader, the Anonymous Reader.
Any questions, any doubts? That's good, very good. Everything merges, it's the Merger Process. You will be able to see the many changes inside. Slowly, silently, and permanently, all the concepts will leave, one by one, and it will be an Indescribable Exceptional Happiness, an Exceptional Peace. You'll find what you've struggled so long to achieve. Move forward, move forward! Go deeper and deeper.

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