Sunday, December 13, 2020

RAMAKANT/SLS/143 You are the Ultimate Truth!


You're not a beggar, you're a millionaire!
You are a millionaire, but you are not aware of what belongs to you, of your assets. This property, your property, is shown to you through the Master's medium. You're a millionaire, but you're not aware of your wealth. Your Reality is shown to you through the medium of the Master. You see yourself as a beggar and it's an illusion. The Master suppresses the illusion. He's showing you Reality.
We try to tell you your Identity in a simple way, using simple words and simple language. A plethora of words and books has complicated this Very Simple Knowledge. Live a practical life! Talking about spirituality is very, very easy. You have to live in this state, like the support of the body. When you have the Conviction, you have to live like this. Why be a slave to the mind, the ego and the intellect, when they are your babies? Stop giving them food and power, and then they will grow stupid and be silent. Stop supplying food and power to the mind, to the ego, to the intellect, and they will be silent. Keep convincing yourself. Convince yourself! If you do this, your spiritual lifestyle will change completely. Your spiritual life will change completely. Don't rely on someone else's statements about Reality. Listen to yourself, listen to yourself, not others. You' means that Invisible Listener, that Inner Master who is your Strength. Visit only one temple, your temple, the temple inside.
You must recite the Mantra to keep the house clean! The Masters of my Lineage have all recited the same Mantra. Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ranjit Maharaj, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, Bhausaheb Maharaj. It is the only way, the only effective way to bring you back to your Original State, and lead you to True Self-Knowledge. Recite the Mantra, and it will lead you to your Original State.
This is a Direct Approach. We use words to try to imprint your Ultimate Identity on you. All words are directives, indications, which communicate a message. In the same way, all books are like lighthouses. Their flashes of light indicate some message.
Keep a Strong Faith in yourself and in your Master. I have set before you the Final Truth. There's nothing beyond that. You can agree or disagree. After the Knowledge of Reality, why go elsewhere? But this is what happens, because people still have a wandering mind, or they are looking for miraculous experiences. There are thousands of Masters, hundreds of thousands of Masters in the world, who make a lot of money from people like you. We don't charge for anything, but the irony is that free things seem worthless in today's society. Bhausaheb Maharaj used to say, "In our Lineage, we do not take any money from our devotees. Nisargadatta Maharaj never took a penny. Nothing! When the Westerners started coming, he told them, "I'm not a salesman". He was very strict. With some effort, we're trying to pull you out of the illusion gap. But people are going back. What can we do? Before you leave, take a few pictures to remind you of this environment. They will flash to Reality and remind you of the teachings.
My Master gives you his encouragement, (He looks at the picture on the wall of Nisargadatta Maharaj smiling), saying, "Don't worry, I am here". You see the picture right there, my Master says, "Don't WORRY  I'm here". He provides the Power, and I transmit that Power into you. When you leave, to go home, just remember that you are the Ultimate Truth. You are the Ultimate Truth!

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