Friday, December 11, 2020



'My' is not 'I'. "My body!" You're separated from the body. My wife, my son, you're separated from them. "My' God, 'My' Master, you are separated from me. Everything comes out of your Presence. Out of the presence, you say 'Me' this, 'Me' that.
There are so many words, hundreds of millions of them, to make you understand, to make you vigilant. But, Reality has nothing to do with any word, or with anyone. Reality has nothing to do with everything. The Master introduces you to your Ultimate Truth. It imprints upon you that Ultimate State, in which you are totally unconcerned with the world because you know that your Presence is totally Invisible, Anonymous, Unidentified. You know! You know, but you still don't fully accept it, and it's the misery of your life. Now you know everything, but you must accept the Knowledge and use it, put it into practice in your daily life. You have good Knowledge, but you don't apply it. The moment you accept this Reality, everything will fade away. I'm talking about the moment you accept your Reality. Accept your Reality, not the Reality of Brahman, Atman, Parabrahman, God. You are Reality, Formless. You're totally Formless.
The Masters in our Lineage try to imprint on you the Reality of the Ultimate Truth, "That You Are"! The Master is inside you but you are not fully aware of it. You are not fully aware of your Importance, of your Greatness, so the only thing we are doing here is showing you 'That'. We introduce you and show you your Greatness, Value and Importance.
Listening with fresh ears, the message is not complicated, I am simplifying it and I place before you, your Truth, not the Truth of Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God. Those are polite words, very polite words. You can stand on your own two feet. You're not handicapped at all. You never were. You're not dependent, you're independent. Throw away all these illusory supports!

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