Sunday, December 6, 2020



"Question: How to stop thinking?
Papaji: By Being
When you think, you are an object;
a person, a body, or some other idea,
... But by Being, there is nothing!
Just Being.
And Being is already there.
... You are always Being.
To become something, you must meditate and perform some mantra, ritual, practice.
... Just to 'Be', is so simple.
Without Being, you can't do any practice.
... So don't think of anything else.
Just Be!
... It is so easy to Be!
Question: But when I try to just Be, so much thinking happens. I am sure everyone has this problem.
Papaji: Thinking happens when you want to 'become' something. Then you must think.
But to Not become something,
... What is there to do?
Stay as you are!
Be as you are, in whatever circumstances,
... Just always Be.
It doesn't need any practice.
Whatever you get by practice, you will lose, but Being will never be lost, because you will not get it by any experience, or by practice.
It simply is. Simply Be.
Don't stir your mind in Being,
... Don't think, and don't make effort.
I will tell you how to be Being itself:
... No effort, No thinking.
Avoid thinking, and avoid not thinking.
... What is between these two?"


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