Thursday, December 3, 2020



Contemplate on that, which is absolute silence.
Retrace back your steps,
'till you arrive at a place
from where you started in the beginning
and found yourself engulfed with so many things and forgot to return to your kingdom.
Go on retracing back your steps.
Only retrace back, not going forward.
You will return to a place where you once were in the beginning,
before the beginning,
where all these things come from.
And you will see, all things that exist,
they exist from within you.
In the beginning was one alone.
From one oneness, this multiplicity arose.
So, if you retrace your steps and arrive at that
silence, peace, existence and knowledge,
you will see that,
'It is me who has become all this.'
And this step is going to be 'I'.
Hold, hold on to this 'I'.
This step will take you back to your home.
Take this step and retrace back this step 'till it vanished,
'till it is finished.
Because when you arrive home there is no step,
you simply sit quiet at home.
All of you simply sit quietly, retrace, step is only 'I'.
'I have come from somewhere I do not know.'
So, this is your step, so go on retracing this step,
before the step another step, 'till it is lost.
And when you forget the 'I' you have arrived home.

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