Tuesday, December 1, 2020

💙 Papaji

 In I AM there is no experience. You only have to give up the experiences that I AM is not. "I am so and so." This is the experience. I AM, to have an experience, has become somebody. I AM is existence. I AM is awareness. Finish at the I AM and tell me what experience you will get.

And this I AM contains all the cosmos. So there is nothing to attain or do. Just end at I AM and see what the experience is. I AM is eternal. Here, death can't enter. It is here in waking, deep sleep, and dreaming. Nothing to lose or gain.
To become something, to expect something, you have to do something. To remain I AM you don't have to do anything. Its fullness is emptiness. I AM is the ocean, and the waves are the cosmos, the universe, all happenings. And you can enjoy. This is called Leela's sport.

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