Wednesday, December 2, 2020

'O, son of Kunti, he who reaches ME, has no rebirth

 The experience of change through the misinterpretations of the mind and intellect is called SAMSAR.

It is described as an OCEAN (Ambunidhi) In the Vedantic literature.
It is very difficult to cross , (apaara).
It is very deep (agaadha),
It is indeed, very difficult for an individual, unaided, all by himself, to swim and cross over (dustara).
A teacher, a guide, is unavoidable.
My salutations to that teacher, who guides us across our confusions and leads us to Self-realization.
In the Individual (microcosmic) sleep and in the Total sleep (macro-cosmic) called Pralaya, the Vasanas (moola avidya) still remain, hence, the individual and the world must return. When this (avidya) is destroyed through the knowledge gained by the Mahavaakyas ( Great statements ) , One is liberated and there is no more any return to SAMSAR.
'Tarati Sokam Atmavit'-- Chandogya Upanishaad.
The Knower of the Self goes beyond all sorrow.
Brahma vit Brahmaiva Bhavati". Mundaka Upanishad.
The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman.
Na Sa punaraavartate"....
"He shall no more return".
"Maam upetya tu Kaunteya Punarjanma na vidyate"...Gita , 8 / 16.

( Teacher )

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