Tuesday, December 1, 2020

✅ The Nisargadatta Path.

 ○ Go back to that state of pure being, where the 'I am' is still in its purity before it got contaminated with 'this I am' or 'that I

Your burden is of false self-identifications - abandon them all.
○ Best is the simple feeling 'I am'.
Dwell on it patiently.
Here patience is wisdom, don't think of failure. There can be no failure in this understanding.
○ By being with yourself, the 'I am', by watching yourself in your daily life with alert interest, with the intention to understand rather than to judge, in full acceptance of whatever may emerge, because it is there, you encourage the deep to come to the surface and enrich your life and consciousness with its captive energies. This is the great work of awareness;
it removes obstacles and releases energies by understanding the nature of life and mind.
Intelligence is the door to freedom
and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.
○ When I say: "Remember 'I am' all the time.", I mean: "Come back to it repeatedly."
- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

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