Thursday, December 3, 2020


 catch hold of the knowledge ‘I am’

in meditation and the realization will
occur that ‘I’, the Absolute, am not the
‘guna’ (quality) ‘I am’.
97. Do nothing but stay in the
knowledge ‘I am’, the ‘moolmaya’ –, or
primary illusion, and then it will release
its stranglehold on you and get lost.
98. In deep meditation,
infused only with the knowledge ‘I am’,
it will be intuitively revealed to you as to how this
‘I amness’ came to be.
99. The knowledge ‘I am’ means
consciousness, God, Guru, Ishwara, but
you the Absolute are none of these.
100. You have to understand that the ‘I
am’ is even before the arising of any
words, thoughts or feelings.
101. The indwelling principle ‘I am’ is
common to all and has no attributes; it is
the principle of the whole functioning.
102. Identify yourself with the highest
principle in you which is the knowledge
‘I am’. This will elevate you to the status
of ‘Brihaspati’ – the guru of gods.

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