Friday, December 18, 2020

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 “No one likes this virus that’s going around. Not because they know it, but because they feel threatened. They don’t know what the coronavirus is. If somebody showed a child the shape of the coronavirus, it looks like a lollipop. It doesn’t look so terrifying. But we’re all afraid. Why? Because of the threat that it’s going to take your life away.

You need to know what “your life” is. You need to know who you are. Only when you know this, these things will not trouble you anymore. They’re only meant to trouble you while you’re having a wrong idea of yourself. When you find the truth of yourself, these things will go.
Look around in nature, look at the birds – they are not stressed. Look at the dogs – they’re not stressed. Look at even the worms – they’re not stressed. Look at the sky – it’s not stressed. Look at the trees – they’re not stressed. Look at the ocean – it is not stressed. Feel the wind – it is not stressed. Why are humans stressed? Because of some news they hear. Everywhere you go, people are talking about the virus.
You will find balance when you pay attention to the fact that everything that appears in the mind comes and goes. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, ideas – they come and go. But that which notices them does not come and go. It is constant. Recognize, the constance is there, it is your reality. All these things are moving, but they are watched by an unmoving awareness. There will come a time when you fully discover the truth, that it doesn't matter what happens "outside", the stillness does not change. It's like a vast emptiness and it is full of joy and peace.
My heart just wants to encourage you and remind you that your spirit is pure and eternal.”

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