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!!! MEDITATIONS with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


Nirupana 77
Thursday, November 30, 1978
Self-realization is a state of perfect contentment, both worldly as well as spiritual. After this the seeker does not require even his true nature. You have become a seeker because you are hungry for realizing your true nature.
The goal (pure consciousness) has three stages i.e. wakefulness, sleep and dream. The one who knows the goal is beyond all the stages.
The goal has three gunas – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. When you have realization, you will know that you are prior to wakefulness and sleep. The alternating stages of wakefulness and sleep will not be there permanently. As you are beyond these stages, can you tell me what uniform you have?
Practice meditation. One should live with the conviction that one is not the body, but the pure consciousness within the body. The spring of Self-realization will flow from within.
‘What God has created is given back
to God. I do nothing.’ This is the sign of a sincere devotee.
That which is motivating the body is the true devotee. He has a pure heart. He himself is God. In the beginning, he offers his body and awareness to God and then he remains as pure consciousness.
Meditation means holding onto consciousness. The consciousness that appears in the morning is the holy sight of God. Everything is known through consciousness. When the heart is pure, one says, ‘The Guru is the Self, He is everything’. The true devotee has no sense of doership. Consciousness is the vital energy of the whole world. If you are unable to do spiritual practices, at least maintain the pure feeling in your heart:
‘There is no other God except my consciousness’. It will benefit you and others. Pay no attention to honor and recognition. There should be no pride such as ‘I am a knowledgeable devotee’. Never publicize your charities or good deeds. Use the body happily, but never identify with it.
Keep this awareness:
‘I am the seer, never the enjoyer’.
Then the bad qualities will drop off. The pure feeling in the heart should never be lost sight of, even at the cost of your life. It is the inspiration of God that brings us here. Go on meditating. Then you will become convinced that whatever is, is not separate from yourself.

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