Thursday, December 10, 2020

Mahavatar Babaji


A Kriya Yoga Master recently gave this advice: ”Keep the company of the holy Satsang. A magnet attracts iron. When rubbed against non-magnetic iron, the iron becomes magnetic. The law of magnetism also applies through association with Mahatmas. By keeping the company of and by meditating with or attending the Satsang of Mahatmas you will be spiritually magnetized, you will acquire the spiritual qualities of the Mahatma. When the opportunity was given to meditate with or to attend the Satsang of a Mahatma, I was always the first one there to sit in front, and I was always the last one to leave. I kept quiet and still to absorb the holy vibration. Love is the magnet that attracts. This magnet of love is present in all beings and creatures. It is because of this love that God and Guru come to see you in meditation. When is the Self revealed ? From simple Faith, Love is born Prema (Divine Love) reveals Shanti Where Shanti (Peace) prevails the Self will reveal itself Where the Self abides, there is Ananda
Ananda (Bliss) is the abode of God”
Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum !!

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