Wednesday, December 2, 2020

J. Krishnamurti

 When we say that learning or knowledge is an impediment, is a hindrance, surely we are not including technical knowledge - how to drive a car, how to run machinery, or the efficiency which such knowledge brings. We have in mind quite a different thing: that sense of creative happiness which no amount of knowledge or learning will bring. And, to be creative in the truest sense of that word, is to be free of the past from moment to moment. Because, it is the past that is continually shadowing the present. Merely to cling to information, to the experiences of others, to what someone has said, however great, and try to approximate your action to that - all that is knowledge, is it not? But, to discover anything new, you must start on your own; you must start on a journey completely denuded, especially of knowledge. Because it is very easy, through knowledge and belief, to have experiences; but those experiences are merely the products of self-projection, and therefore utterly unreal, false. And if you are to discover for yourself what is the new, it is no good carrying the burden of the old, especially knowledge - the knowledge of another, however great. Now, you use knowledge as a means of self-protection, security, and you want to be quite sure that you have the same experiences as the Buddha, or the Christ, or X. But a man who is protecting himself constantly through knowledge, is obviously not a truth-seeker.

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