Sunday, December 6, 2020

GEMS from Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi

 The means prescribed for securing the spiritual end,

such as
charity, penance, sacrifice, dharma (virtuous conduct), yoga, bhakti (devotion)
and the end itself described variously as Heaven, the Supreme Object, Peace, Truth, Grace, the Quiescent State, Deathless Death, True Knowledge, renunciation, Moksha (Liberation) and Bliss
are all nothing but being free from the obsession that the body is the Self.
Give up regarding yourself as this despicable body and realize your Real Nature, which is one of Eternal Bliss.
Seeking to know thyself while still anxious about the welfare of the body, is like attempting to cross a stream with the aid of a crocodile for a raft.
Not desiring the non-Self is dispassion (vairagya).
Inhering in the Self is Jnana.
Both are the same.

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