Sunday, December 6, 2020

From Be as you are book


Q: How long does it take to reach mukti [liberation]?
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Mukti is not to be gained in the future.
It is there for ever, here and now.
Q: I agree, but I do not experience it.
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
The experience is here and now.
One cannot deny one's own Self.
Q: That means existence and not happiness.
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Existence is the same as happiness
and happiness is the same as being.
The word mukti is so provoking.
Why should one seek it?
One believes that there is bondage
and therefore seeks liberation.
But the fact is that there is no bondage but only liberation.
Why call it by a name and seek it?
Q: True - but we are ignorant.
Sri Ramana Maharshi :
Only remove ignorance.
That is all there is to be done.
All questions relating to mukti are inadmissible.
Mukti means release from bondage
which implies the present existence of bondage.
There is no bondage and therefore no mukti either.

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