Wednesday, December 9, 2020

🌺 DEATH MUST DIE AnandamayiMa

 Question: "What happens after death?

AnandamayiMa : After death, you reap the fruits of what you have sown during life. If you have studied well, you get a 'first-class'. If not you fail. So it is also after death."
Question: "Is there such a thing as heaven and hell?"
Anandamayi Ma : Just as you have your own place in this world so there will be a place according to your merit after death, and then whatever remaining desire you have will bring you back to this world again. But if you leave everything to God, you will go straight to Him.”
Then She said: "Do something to get near God. Some people like prayer, some like japa and some like to enquire: ‘Who is He?’ 'Who made the world?’ Whatever you like best, do that. Fix a time every day and if you have no time then take it away from your sleep.
But if you should miss one day, do double the next. Do it secretly, otherwise, people may laugh and dissuade you from it. But if you have courage don’t bother about others and if people laugh, laugh with them.”

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