Monday, December 7, 2020


Q: We are so accustomed to maya. That is why it is so difficult for us to make progress.
AS: Again enquire ‘For whom is this difficulty?’ Don't give reality to the very thing that is causing you all your trouble.
Q: Do we have no other function in the world other than discovering our own Self? Is it not our duty to show a little love and compassion to other people?
AS: If you discover yourself you will be able to give love and compassion to the whole world. It will flow automatically from you.
The sun is full of light which it gives to the world without any partiality. If you become full of spiritual light by realizing the Self, that light overflows everywhere. That overflowing of your Self is love and compassion for the whole universe.
One may try to do some good to others but not much real good will result unless you know yourself. How can a blind man help other people?
Q: I can understand what you say: that we are not the body and the mind and that this truth has to be experienced more and more. But we have to take care of this body and this mind. Also, we must do something in the world. We cannot just sit and meditate all the time.
If we do that we will be a burden on others.
AS: We must take care of the body by giving it food, shelter, and clothing. This is necessary because the journey to the Self is only easy when the body is healthy. If a ship is not in need of repair, if it is in good condition, we can easily use it to go on a journey.
But we should not forget the purpose for which we have been given this body. We should not get side-tracked by thinking too much about good health or worrying about other people’s problems.
Our purpose in life is to realize the Self. It is an easy matter to get a little food and find somewhere congenial to live and meditate.
Once we have achieved this we should have no further interest in the world and its problems.
- Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p. 290

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