Saturday, December 5, 2020



Q: Is it better to meditate like this alone, or is there some advantage in meditating with other people?
AS: If seekers are always in the company of worldly people who take the mind and body to be 'I', they will get affected by their mind currents. Self-ignorance can be contagious. Don't associate with worldly people. Either do meditation alone or do it with people who are also striving to give up their mental attachments.
Q: I think that this is very helpful advice. But in the West, it is very difficult to practice with other like-minded people. Spiritual people are few and far between.
AS: What you say may be true. If you make your meditation strong and constant, no one can disturb it. If it is our destiny to live with unspiritual people, outwardly we should act just as they do.
But inwardly, our total attention should flow towards the Self.
Q. This practice you speak of is a totally new way of living.
AS: This is the real life. All other lives are maya. Don’t take the maya to be real….
Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p. 298

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