Sunday, December 6, 2020


You yourself are the source of all your happiness, whatever it may be, and not external things.
Even when you imagine that some external object has given you the happiness, you are mistaken. What really happened is that unconsciously the object brought you back to your Self for an instant, borrowed the happiness, and thus presented it to you. The happiness came as a shadow to you; why not look to the source, to the Self, and realize it?
Q: What are the first steps to spiritual practice?
M: In the beginning, people have to be told that they are not the body because they think that they are only the body, whereas they are the body and everything else. The body is only a part.
The aspirant should know this firmly. He must first discern chit (the sentient) from jada (the insentient) and be the chit only. Later let him realize that jada is nothing other than chit.
This is discrimination (viveka). The initial viveka must persist to the end, and its fruit is moksha.\

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