Sunday, December 13, 2020

Aum Namah Shivaye.


We can lead a whole life in depression, stress, anxiety, inconfidence and insecurity.
We can lead a whole life just wishing we were somehow more confident, more successful, more happy, more useful, more loved.
We can sometimes even think that no one is with us and we are not meant for this world.
We can realise that our true potential lies deep within ourselves, we need to get in touch with ourselves at a soul level and unfold our beauty and strength. We need to realise that we are our own best friend.
Deep within each of us is our Shiva Tattva, Supreme consciousness, God stuff. We need to tap and activate that through faith, devotion, learning and meditation, and let not the fears of the mundane world stop us from reaching our potential.
The rishis of ancient Kashmir learnt skills from Shiva and overcame the same situations. Times change, technology changes, but basic human situations remain the same, and so do the solutions!
We can tide over these struggles using the same skill sets as the ancient rishis. Faith, devotion, learning and meditation.

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