Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 "At the moment of enlightenment, everything falls away -- everything. Suddenly the ground beneath you is gone, and you are alone.

You are alone because you have realized that there is no other; there is no separation. There is only you, only Self, only limitless emptiness, pure consciousness.
To the mind, the ego, this appears terrifying. When it looks at limitlessness and infinity, it sees meaninglessness and despair. However, the view changes to unending joy and wonder once the mind is let go of.
When you are enlightened, you stand alone. You need no supports of any kind because there is nothing to support; a separate you no longer exists. You realize that the whole ego experience was a flimsy illusion. You stand alone but are never, never lonely because everywhere you look, all you see is That, and you are That.”

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