Friday, December 4, 2020

Adi Shankaracharya ✅ Vivekachudamani

 Foolish and ignorant persons are bound to sense objects by the rope of desire, attracted according to the power of their karma which leads them up and down and causes them to wander in distress.

The serpent and deer die through
attachment to sound,
the elephant through attachment to touch,
the fish through attachment to taste, and the bee through attachment to smell.
If these die through attachment to a single
what must be the fate of man,
who is attached to all five?
The evil effects of sense objects are more harmful than the poison of the cobra, because poison only kills him who takes it, whereas sense objects bring destruction to him who sees them or even thinks of them.
He alone obtains liberation who,
with the sharp sword of detachment,
cuts the strong rope of love for sense objects and so frees himself from them.

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