Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Yoga Vasishta Sara 🕉 Chapter Two: UNREALIT Y OF THE WORLD


18. The world is
full of misery to an ignorant man and
full of bliss to a wise man.
The world is dark to a blind man and
bright to one who has eyes.
19. The bliss of a man of discrimination, who has rejected samsara and discarded all mental concepts,
constantly increases.
20. Like clouds which suddenly appear in a clear sky and as suddenly dissolve,
the entire universe (appears)
in the Self and (dissolves in it).
21. He who reckons the rays as non-different from the sun and
realizes that they are the sun itself
is stated to be nirvikalpa
(the undifferentiating man).
22. Just as the cloth,
when investigated,
is seen to be nothing but thread,
so also this world,
when enquired into,
is (seen to be) merely the Self.

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