Sunday, November 15, 2020

Words of Ma Anandamayi.

 There are two kinds of pilgrims on life's journey: the one like a tourist is keen on sight-seeing, wandering from place to place, flitting from one experience to another for the fun of it.

The other traveller treads the path that is consistent with man's true being and which leads to his real home, to Self-knowledge.
Sorrow will certainly be encountered on the journey undertaken for the sake of sight-seeing and enjoyment.
So long as one's real home has not been found, suffering is inevitable. The sense of separateness is the root-cause of misery, because it is founded on error, on the conception of duality. This is why the world is called du-niya - based on duality.
What is wanted is genuine Awakening, an awakening after which nothing remains to be attained. . .
To become fully conscious is not enough, you will have to rise beyond consciousness and unconsciousness.
That which Is has to shine forth.

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