Friday, November 6, 2020

What do non-Hindus like about Hinduism?

Absolute Freedom - Nobody gonna insist you how to pray , how to wear dress, how to believe, what to believe what not to believe , what to eat what not to eat. It's all individual choice.

Tolerance- which religion will be tolerant towards other religions like Hinduism . That is the same reason India remains as secular country .
Respect towards animals - In Hinduism all animals are respected and many are considered as sacred so that people don't hurt them unnecessarily .
Simplicity- Many of my Hindu friends who are rich don't do any show off . They live simple .
Festivals- Oh my God lots of festivals … All colourful and joyful..
Concept of God - God is not someone who act like a dictator and gives you punishment for your mistakes. God is Brahman exist everywhere , in everything and God is in you God is in me.. A beautiful concept.
Patriotism- In my observation for Hindus love towards their country comes above their religion.
Nature love - Every temple will have atleast one tree in its compound. Tree is also considered as sacred and there is a ritual of asking it's permission before cutting it.
Concept of Karma- No words. You will get back what u did.. It's like newtons third law , for every action there is equal and opposite reaction .. I myself experienced it many times. Now I take care when I talk or do something .
There are many which I don't remember now.. But the list goes on..
Today morning while travelling by bus , conductor stamped on my foot by mistake and immediately he did that gesture of asking sorry. Like touch and keep hands on his chest and lips. Then I remembered yes the habit which I cherish from my childhood adapted from my Hindu friends, a typical Indian tradition of asking sorry. Another thing I like about Hindu tradition.
--Sufi, Aspiring writer , speaker ,counsellor

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