Thursday, November 12, 2020

Vedic Vortex

 Deep Stillness

The depth of our stillness is what determines the depth of our love. Without depth there is just what's on the surface and this flip flops so easily because of the dependency on things.
The deeper stillness is as our foundation, the more love will be emanated in our life, and obviously the more love we have the more can be given. Also the deeper the stillness, the less our conditioning is in control. Go to the depth not known and go to a place of purity, but this will take a tremendous amount of understanding of why we aren't in this way already. The transformation that occurs with this understanding from our head to our heart will determine the depth of our love. It’s essential to get to the heart, but without stillness we remain stuck in the head.
I've seen this played out first hand in my life and when love comes from the head it benefits no one. It’s the heart of love that’s pure, the head is usually filled with some mind made concept of love; there are many conditions put on this type of love. This is the cause of the flip flopping between the head and heart. The lack of stillness creates a flip flop foundation so our emotions are very easily swayed by things, and the things that sway us are allowed to occur because our emotions are that of an immature child. Why else are we swayed when things don't go our way? Does not a child act in the same manner? Do not we as adults, act in the same manner of stamping our feet when we don't get our way?
The purity of a child is different than the immature emotions of a child, so learn to go deeper than what the surface supplies you with and you will see a level of maturity not previously known. When this does become known, your life will be much more stable because you won't be so easily swayed by the nonsense the world provides as a foundation. And with a solid and mature foundation based in stillness which is beyond what happens on the surface, flip flopping ceases and from the love of the heart is how life is lived.
-Michael Cupo
‘Sacred Union ‘ by Melissa Shemanna

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