Monday, November 23, 2020

Understand that what you are is this unlimited universal consciousness.


Questioner: I was pondering what Maharaj said about all consciousness being the same this
morning, and for just a few seconds, it was as if everything was one and I was behind it. Is this the aim?
Maharaj: That is not the aim, IT IS SO.
It is there and it is only because of identity with the body that what is, doesn't seem as if it is.
Please understand that there is only one thing to be understood,
and that is
that you are the formless, timeless unborn.
It is because of your identification with the body as an entity that your consciousness, which is universal consciousness,
thinks that it is dying.
Nobody is dying, because nobody was born.
The millions of forms are the manifestation of consciousness.
It is the millions of forms which get created and destroyed, but universal consciousness itself is unborn and undying.
Just imagine if all the millions of forms which have been created were still here - how could other forms be created?
It is because consciousness is unborn and undying that the millions of forms get created and destroyed;
it is a continuous process.
Understand that what you are is this unlimited universal consciousness.
Only that
in which consciousness manifests itself
is limited and is created and destroyed.
The total potential of consciousness remains.
It is unlimited.
You are seeking knowledge from the standpoint of identification with the body and whatever can be grasped by the mind.
When this body machine is there, the technique of using it is there, and
that is what you are identifying with now,
but it is not your true identity.
You have no control over it, it has appeared and it will disappear.
I talk to you from the perspective of the universal consciousness and I know that all bodies are the essence of food and that they will vanish.
~ Consciousness and the Absolute
The final talks of
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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