Monday, November 23, 2020

The Witness is Omnipresent and is existence itself.

Around 400 years ago, there was quarrel in the streets of Varanasi. Two men who were quarrelling, were arrested and brought before the magistrate in the court. Each one of the men claimed that the other had attacked him first. So the magistrate called for a witness who had seen the fight.
There was only one witness and he was known to be a sage. When he was asked to explain what he had seen, he replied,
"He who sees, speaks not and he who speaks, sees not."
Do you understand the meaning?
The eyes have seen the fight, but the eyes cannot speak. It is the mouth that speaks, but the mouth cannot see anything. Therefore, what could be said?
This witness was Kabir and he was speaking the truth about witnessing.
The Witness sees nothing,
so He has nothing to say.
everybody speaks of the Self and of ultimate Reality.
The saints and scriptures speak of this. They all say:
"You are Reality.
You are the Self.
You are being-consciousness-bliss.
You are the Source."
And your ears have listened to all this very well.
But who witnesses all these concepts?
No one knows that Witness who resides in everyone's Heart.
To whom do we attribute all individual activity?
You say,
"I did it" or "I saw it."
But who is this "I"?
When you say "I", something is conscious of this "I".
The Witness of "I" is not the "I".
who is this Witness that is conscious of the first thought, the "I"-thought?
The Witness is not something you can see or describe.
People say that they understand that they are the Witness, but they do not truly understand that the Witness is also witnessing this so-called understanding.
The Witness is Omnipresent and is existence itself.
It is within everyone's Heart,
and even within each and every atom.
It is existence itself and It is always available here and now.
However you may try to understand It, you will fail. The Witness can only witness Itself with the Grace of the Guru.
When the Guru is happy with a disciple, he will hand him the key to this treasure.
~ Papaji.

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