Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Collected Works of Robert Adams Volume 1 Chapter: All is Well

 Do not judge by appearances.

Do not even judge yourself.
You are a beautiful person just the way you are.
When I say “just the way you are,"
I am referring to your real self, consciousness.
You are beautiful just the way you are,
not what you think you are,
not what you appear to be,
not what the world shows you,
but just the way you are right now.
When you are without thoughts,
when you are without needs,
without wants,
without desires,
then you are God.
You are the universe.
You are divine love.
You are beautiful.
Yet when you begin to think about these things you deny it,
for you think about the past and the future instead of staying centered in the eternal now.
You think of the mistakes you made in life. You think about the dastardly things going on in this world.
You think about your future, about the
so called recession.
You are enmeshed in maya.
Do not continue to think this way.
Your true nature is total bliss,
and you are in total bliss right now.
There is absolutely nothing lacking in your life.
But when you think about it, there is. Therefore do not think.
Stop thinking.
When you stop thinking all is well.
When you stop thinking there are no mistakes.
Do not concern yourself with the telephone, with your body,
with your affairs,
what appears to be happening in the world. These things shall pass and new things will come along.
It never ends.
It never stops.
Thoughts can never bring you peace,
even if they are good thoughts,
for good thoughts lead to bad thoughts,
and bad thoughts lead to good thoughts. You are to ask yourself
“To whom do these thoughts come?
Who thinks?
Who is the thinker?
I am?
I am the thinker?
Then who am I?
What is the source of the I that thinks? Where did this I come from?
How did it originate?
Who gave it birth?
What have I got to do with I?"
Wake up.
You are an asset to the human race, an asset to your self, an asset to God.
You are a wonderful person just
the way you are,
just the way you are.

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